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Kaiping Kai Fan Weaving Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, the existing import of high-speed ribbon machine more than 300 Taiwan, the root package yarn machine 20, 8 ironing machines, imports of automatic detection of a packaging line, specializing in the production of mattress Belt, stripes, mercerized elastic band, knitted elastic belt, PP belt, jacquard belt, anti-skid belt and other types of ribbon, to produce all kinds of ribbon of more than 2500 million yards, the products are widely used in clothing, furniture, luggage, sports equipment , Medical and other industries.

       The company for more than 10 years won the "Guangdong Shou contract re-credit enterprises." In the industry took the lead through the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, Oeko-tex100 certification; product production and professional management level are in the same industry leading position.

       The company accumulated more than 10 years of production experience, on the one hand through technological innovation to improve production efficiency; the other hand, through the production of detailed management to reduce production costs; to provide customers with high quality and valuable products. The company's products have been sold throughout the country and Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, more than 20 countries, and excellent quality and excellent after-sales service, to win the praise and praise users




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